Beard Oil What The Heck is That and Why You Need It

Today, I’m going to talk about what it is Beard Oil, why you need it and what it does for your face and beard. Basically, Beard Oil is a cosmetic product, and that is used to make more moist the skin under the beard to maintain it as smooth, shiny and soft.  I’m very passionate about the beard and that’s because the beard goes back to the the dawn of mankind it’s the longest running tradition. It’s a great heritage to be a part of being a man growing a beard.

Did you know that men have been maintained their beard since the beginning of mankind? If you go back to ancient Mesopotamia with the Sumerians in ancient Egyptians, that they were applying oil to their beards. So this is just as long as the tradition as well and that’s why it’s such a great thing to be a part of to be applying beard oil to your beard. It’s for good reason there’s a lot of great benefits of beard oil. There is a big question for all beard man that how I like to get my beard in shape. If you’re a new time beard grower or maybe just searching for new products for beards you might have come across beard and you might say well what is it what’s it all about, that’s when we get into today now beard oil consists of oil. As you can probably tell by the title of it now, the oil is a base oil that makeup the whole so in the beard oil. I have a Georgia oil, where you from argan oil sweet almond oil grapeseed oil and castor oil now these are the base oils that make up a ball of beard oil. Now on the top of those base oils is essential oils that we get the beautiful smells from the scent, and that’s made food distillation where you get the characteristics. Flowers will try to get the aroma from so in Wildwood up got cedarwood eucalyptus fir and pine essential oils now for oil essential oil. The Egyptians documented it; ancient Egyptians were using for essential oils in there. Well as well so this goes back thousands of years which are really interesting.

What Does Actually Beard Oil Do?

It does for your beard well it’s two-fold not only does it take care of your beard it also takes care of your skin in the sense that “it hydrates, softens, produces a great, nice shine and sheen to it and overall produces a very healthy for the beard. People always ask that they will take something to make their beard grow faster. They have to take some pill or supplement. The basic and effective trick to get your grow your beard faster that you want to be in the healthiest condition for your body and for your skin and hair to grow. So you will grow your beard at the optimal setting, and that’s what I think the beard oil does. I always recommend that you are going to have the arm proper ecosystem on your face to get the maximum amount of oil. You can genetically obtain because your genetics and hormones are going to dictate, that how fast you grow hair but about your health your diet your lifestyle. That’s going to produce the optimal setting for you to grow hair. So what this does softens your skin. In hydrates conditions that much better than your shampoo your hair conditioner because beard here is different than your head. Dragic hair on your face it’s much thicker as much coarser than your head hair or other by like your arm hair or anything like that so beard oils is made for this very very purpose in the fact that the conditioning of the beard oil last a lot longer because beard oil is oil.  So it oxidizes it doesn’t evaporate like water-based products will stay in there nice and long it will soften your beard. If you want to get to the best possible shape of beard you can get it.